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Resolution passed on 08 Feb 09 in E-GBM of IDSE

Resolution passed in Extraordinary General Body Meeting of IDSE held on 8 Feb 09

Indian Defence Services of Engineers is the main Gp “A” Officers Cadre of Military Engineer Services(MES)which is responsible for providing Works Services and Maintenance to the three Services and other Department of Ministry of Defence.

Even after sixty years of independence, the Civilian Officers of MES are going through the suffocation, humiliation and intimidation which was felt by our fore-fathers during British Raj. The Raj has gone but it had left an Army which was groomed by them for the purpose of sustaining the Raj. The style, tenor and mind-set of these uniformed persons has not changed even after efflux of time.

This has resulted in restlessness among officers of MES who decided to call an Emergency GBM on 08 Feb 2009 at the Auditorium of Institution of Engineers(India)New Delhi. The following main issues were discussed.

Firstly, senior officers of IDSE and other cadre are forced to work under junior Military Officers. A Chief Engineer in the scale of Joint Secretary is forced to serve under a Major General who is of equivalent rank. Not only that, in case Major General proceeds on leave, a Brigadier invariably officiates to the humiliation of Civilian Chief Engineer.

Similarly, during executive tenure, Superintending Engineer and Colonel both work as Commander Works Engineer but as they are posted to staff-side, SE is asked to work under a Colonel. After a long deliberation and continuous efforts, MOD issued a letter on 05 Dec 2008 setting at rest the anomalous situation. However, same was totally indigestible to Military Bosses who took no time to oppose it and got the same cancelled and declared in a meeting on 19 Dec 2008 with representatives of Civilian officers that they are capable of getting anything done from the Ministry.

Secondly, the IDSE cadre is suffering from the sluggishness of promotions due to bad cadre-management and non-adherence to the Model Cadre Structure. Third Cadre Review which is under progress is a right step in this direction. But same is again un-palatable to Engineer-in-Chief who is leaving no stone unturned to get the same stalled.

Thirdly, MOD has issued Establishment Sanction of MES on 24 Nov 08 incorporating new designations. The Establishment Sanction issued has been held back by E-in-C who is making efforts to get the same cancelled. Not only this he is even putting his weight to get cancelled the Presidential Order of Nov 2003 under which appropriate designations as prevalent in other Departments under MOD were issued.

Fourthly, MES is headed by E-in-C who is holding two appointments one as head of Corps of Engineers and other as head of MES. It is practically impossible for a person to look after two Organizations. This has resulted in neglect of both as well as the personal bias against the civilian officers. Also MES is being utilized by him as a parking place for superseded officers of Corps of Engineers.

Faced with a situation of protector turning tormentor, the IDSE Association unanimously resolved to start an agitation programme in a time bound manner. The ongoing protest Do letters being written to Defence Secretary will be completed by Mid February. In next phase all IDSE officers will file petitions with PMO individually by End February. Meanwhile a social boycott of the E-in-C will be ensured. If desirable results are not achieved, petitions shall be filed with Mahamahim Rashtrapati of India.
In the event of unfavorable results, the issues will be taken to Media and Media will be involved in a major way.

8 Feb 09


  1. is there any further progress favouring the civilians? or still suffering all the suffocations?